HVDC Hellsjön–Grängesberg

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The HVDC Hellsjön–Grängesberg is a test range from ABB between Hellsjön and Grängesberg to the testing of new components for HVDC. It consists of a 10 kilometer long overhead line, which was originally used as three-phase alternating current line and which is occasionally used for DC transmissions. The maximum transmission rate of the HVDC Hellsjön–Grängesberg is 3 megawatt, the operating voltage 10 kV (symmetrical against earth). When it was first built in 1893, it was the first Swedish power station to make use of the three-phase electric power system which had been invented only a few years earlier by the Swedish inventor Jonas Wenström.


Site Coordinates
Hellsjoen Static Inverter Plant 60°02′50″N 15°08′52″E / 60.04722°N 15.14778°E / 60.04722; 15.14778 (Hellsjön-Grängesberg Transmission - Hellsjön Static Inverter Plant)
Graengesberg Static Inverter Plant 60°03′53″N 14°59′39″E / 60.06472°N 14.99417°E / 60.06472; 14.99417 (Hellsjön-Grängesberg Transmission - Graengesberg Static Inverter Plant)