Mount Cornwell (Canada)

Coordinates: 50°18′02″N 114°46′53″W / 50.30056°N 114.78139°W / 50.30056; -114.78139
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Mount Cornwell
Baril Peak (left), Mt. Cornwell (right), from NE
Highest point
Elevation2,972 m (9,751 ft)[1]
Prominence176 m (577 ft)[2]
ListingMountains of Alberta
Coordinates50°18′02″N 114°46′53″W / 50.30056°N 114.78139°W / 50.30056; -114.78139[3]
Mount Cornwell is located in Alberta
Mount Cornwell
Mount Cornwell
Location in Alberta
LocationAlberta/British Columbia, Canada
Parent rangeKananaskis Range, Park Ranges, Canadian Rockies
Topo mapNTS 82J7 Mount Head
First ascent1915 by the Interprovincial Boundary Commission[1]
Easiest routerock/snow climb

Mount Cornwell is located on the Continental Divide on the boundary between British Columbia and Alberta along the spine of the Park Ranges of the Canadian Rockies. The mountain was named in 1918 after "boy hero" John Cornwell,[3][4] a sixteen-year-old crewman aboard HMS Chester, which was severely damaged in the Battle of Jutland.[1] Cornwell was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for his bravery during the battle. Mount Chester was also named after his ship.[5][6]

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