The Louisville Cardinal

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The Louisville Cardinal
TypeStudent newspaper
SchoolUniversity of Louisville
HeadquartersLouisville, Kentucky

The Louisville Cardinal is the independent weekly student newspaper of the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.[1] It is published every Tuesday during the academic year and once in late April for distribution throughout the summer. The Louisville Cardinal was founded in 1926 and has maintained financial and editorial independence since 1980. Recent advisers include Robert Schulman, Vince Staten, Kim Speirs, Mickey Meece and Ralph Merkel (current). Its Editor-In-Chief is Tate Luckey. Writers and editors of The Cardinal have gone on to work for the Associated Press, The Courier-Journal, Louisville Public Media, National Public Radio, Dallas Morning News, The Herald Leader, The Jeffersonville Evening News, Louisville Eccentric Observer (LEO), The New York Times, and Reuters. This paper contains News, Sports, Opinion and Features and hits the stands every Tuesday.


The Louisville Cardinal keeps a physical archive of past issues in their campus office at the University of Louisville, located in the Houchens Building. A digital archive was created in 2014 and includes all subsequent issues.[2]

You can also find past issues on their main page under "issues"

Other publications[edit]

In 2013, The Louisville Cardinal published a commemorative book for the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship title. Unbreakable: Louisville's Inspired Championship Run features interviews, photography, and analysis produced by student reporters during the 2013 basketball season. The book also features writing about the University of Louisville's women's basketball team, who made it to the Final Four in the same season.[3]

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